From inventory to after sales


At Van der Heijden Yachts, we believe in a transparent working method. With over 30 years of experience as a yacht builder, we can assist our clients from A to Z. With all disciplines and expertise in-house, we work on your dream yacht through an efficient construction process.

You can follow the entire process live. We are open 6 days a week, and you are always welcome to visit. Van der Heijden Yachts purchases important materials, such as engines and sustainable sheet material in bulk, allowing us to work from stock. As a result, delivery times for the construction phase of a new custom-built yacht are often significantly shorter. Expect a minimum of 10 to 12 months until your dream yacht is ready for launch.

The high quality of sustainable material choices and craftsmanship ensures a high residual value and excellent sailing characteristics. The fuel consumption of a Van der Heijden yacht is significantly reduced by means of an efficient underwater hull.


In one or more conversations, we inventory all your wishes and requirements. This includes specific details about design, functionality, and personal adjustments. The possible trade-in value of your current boat is also discussed.



All points from the inventory phase are translated into a detailed specification and a building specification. This document, including sketches, forms the basis for an accurate quotation, whether it concerns a boat from stock with specific adjustments or a fully customized yacht. This step ensures that all wishes and requirements are clearly translated into technical specifications, so you know exactly what to expect.



All expertise and disciplines are available at our yard to achieve the highest and fastest construction efficiency with you. From keel laying, hull construction, and material cutting to painting, carpentry, technology, electrics, and upholstery, each step is carried out by our own specialists. Changes during construction are always possible in consultation. You are welcome to visit your yacht 6 days a week.



At Van der Heijden Yachts, you are assured of excellent service and extensive aftersales. You have the option to extend the warranty period to 5 years in combination with a maintenance contract. Our maintenance and service team is available worldwide to keep your yacht in optimal condition. This guarantees that your vessel always meets the highest quality standards and performance.

Dutch Shipyard
Complete construction in-house

Custom and semi-custom options
Excellent sailing characteristics 

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